Expected server downtimes

Some servers are moving to Perth (far Western Australia), which benefits players in Europe. And some to Sydney (East coast), which benefits players in North & South America.

The ping improvement will be between 70-100ms depending on where you are. It isn’t much difference for prediction times. But it should significantly improve remote desktop connection quality.

The whole migration process will take around 2 weeks. It will depend on variables beyond my control, like data center staff schedule. I expect the downtime will be around 10th – 20th March.

Responses for next 7 days

Responses to emails and support tickets will be delayed for the next 7 or so days. Almost all emails are responded to anyway, but I’m aware some issues have been outstanding for a while. This is because some things are on hold until others return from vacations. There are always delays this time of year. I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Hybrid phone camera app

I’ve received the latest Hybrid camera app. So far it works with the common external cameras, but I still have more testing to do. I’ll release it for everyone’s use, but remember I haven’t fully tested it yet so there may be issues. I expect to fully test maybe at the end of next week. And you can revert to the old version if the latest one doesn’t work with your hardware.

Email me via encrypted mail for the download link.

Hybrid/Uber phone software updates

If you’ve purchased unsupported hardware (phones) for the main phone app, you might find it doesn’t work properly. For example, you might not be able to select suitable video resolutions with external cameras. As the phone operating systems change, we update the phone apps. The programmer starts work today on these updates.

Unfortunately it might mean after the update, the new version wont work properly on older phones. So there may be multiple versions.

I don’t yet know when the programmer will be finished. It depends on a variety of factors.

Hybrid & Uber updates

I’ve just updated the servers, but the remote desktop access details have all changed. I’ll send everyone new access details. If you don’t receive them, let me know. If you wanted changed carried over from the old server to new, let me know. I still have the older versions saved.

The changes are nothing to do with the Hybrid/Uber software. They are related to remote access and firmware.

Getting faster responses to questions & support tickets

When I see a huge email or support ticket, I’ll almost always “leave it for later”, and address the shorter tickets first. This is because more people get timely responses. I don’t always have time to address the longer tickets too, so they may sit unanswered for longer.

So you get responses in less time, please keep tickets short and concise. Please ask clear questions.

Also in most cases, the questions are already answered in the support documentation anyway. You might get irritated if I haven’t responded for days, but chances are you never even needed to ask many questions anyway. Please carefully read support documentation before asking questions. Whenever there are common questions, I update the support documents to save everyone time.

I’ve been busier than usual for the last 2 weeks, but my mid next week, things will be easier.

Uber/Hybrid server connectivity

The servers have been down for half the day in attempt to resolve intermittent connection issues. It turned out to be an IP conflict, which affected only a cluster of servers. Or at least I found the conflict, and assume it caused the problems. But I wont have enough time to do proper testing to see if all issues are resolved. I’ll finish on Monday. At least for now everything appears to be working fine.

Emergency Wickr messages for Uber/Hybrid servers

For now I’m disabling notifications on my mobile phone for Uber and Hybrid servers. This is because casinos are mostly closed anyway, so there is no significant need for urgent messages for now. Also too many players are still using the emergency messaging app (Wickr) to contact me for issues that aren’t related to urgent server issues.

As I’ve mentioned many times, the emergency messaging app is only for emergencies. I’ve updated the instructions to clarify when you should or shouldn’t use Wickr.

The significant change is use Wickr only if it’s relating to server access for a real-money session. If you have server issues just during testing, use email instead. See the relevant updated instructions below:

Sometimes you may need emergency support. For urgent issues, contact me via Wickr, and it will wake me if I’m sleeping. Usually I’ll respond within a minute or so. If you get no response after a few minutes, try messaging me again. But there are strict rules for using Wikr as explained below:


Use Wickr to contact me only if you’re an Operator with an approved server booking for a real-play situation (for real money), AND:

  • Have followed all troubleshooting steps but cannot access the server, or
  • A critical part of the server has crashed that has made it unusable (in or 10 minutes before the booked time)

For all other issues, please only use encrypted email.

Basically Wickr is ONLY for urgent and critical issues relating to server access. It is NOT for anything else, including:

  • Non-urgent support-related questions.
  • Any questions or issues that aren’t related to the server being online and accessible.

The only exceptions are in a booked live support session with me, or a real-play situation with me as the Operator.


  • Slow or jittery access to the server desktop (unless it’s completely unusable during a real-casino session, email me about this)
  • Wanting to know how the earpiece battery is replaced, even if during a real-casino session.
  • Asking if I received an email you sent.

Wickr messages go directly to my personal phone that’s always with me. And it beeps loudly so I never miss messages. I will continue to give urgent support. But players that regularly abuse Wickr will need to be restricted. However, one problem is it’s not necessarily particular players – it’s many different players. The combined effect for me is regular disruptive messages. So restricting just a few players wont solve the issue.

It may seem trivial for one player to send an occasional message, like a “quick question”. But when different players do this each day, it creates constant disruptions that significantly reduce my efficiency. Previously players could call my private phone, but only for urgent issues. But still I received calls even while sleeping. Eventually I had to change numbers because players didn’t respect the restrictions. The same happens with Wickr.

I sincerely care about giving you all needed support. And very rarely is an issue genuinely critical and urgent, to the point where you might lose money if you don’t get an immediate resolution. So if you have any issues that aren’t critical and urgent, please email me (instead of using Wickr) and I’ll respond in detail when possible.