Hybrid Camera App update

The camera app update is progressing very well. It is currently about half complete, although the main function is already done.


The part that isnt done allows the operator to remotely control elements like camera zoom, without needing additional apps. This isn’t essential functionality, but it makes the whole process easier.


Everything should be complete and ready to go within 1-2 weeks. The uncertain parts are more related to getting everything working on different phone models. Compatability is often a difficult issue to resolve. If you have the main models we normally use, there shouldn’t be a problem.


Basically this modification makes aiming the camera much easier. It is especially useful in cases where you stand a long distance from the wheel and would otherwise need to zoom and more carefully aim the camera. With the mod, you just need to aim in the general direction of the wheel, and the app wil automatically zoom video and track the wheel wherever it is.


We’re also adding some Hybrid mods that help the operator better monitor accuracy, especially on very fast rotors.

Hybrid Camera Aiming

Work has started on the mod for enhanced camera aiming. Already the Hybrid automatically tracks the wheel location, provided the camera is aimed in much the same area as the wheel. And it already automatically tells you where to aim the camera, even if it sees only part of the wheel.


The mod I’m referring to makes it so you can pay far less attention to where the camera might be aiming. The idea is to make aiming so simple that anyone can do it without any training. Of course training is still important, but now it will be even easier. The mod is especially useful for players who stand a further distance from the wheel, because the camera zooming is also automatic. The only downside is a faster phone is required, although I wont know the minimum requirements until I receive the prototype.


The update should be available in around 2 weeks. It depends on the programmers and my time to test everything.

JAA roulette system partners

If any of the more experienced players are interested in continuing sales of the JAA system, let me know. You would be responsible for taking over almost everything including sales and support. We could come to an arrangement much like previous players did. It is very important that you be an experienced player to ensure the support you provide to players is accurate. You would not have access to source codes – but you would have control of everything else. Contact me to discuss if interested.

Hybrid instructions update (for players)

Download the updated instructions from the same location. You shouldn’t need document unlocking again. The updated part is the addition of Chapter 25. It explains a recent mod that enhances the Hybrid’s ability to deal with the following situations:


* Very small, dark or barely visible green zero


* Being unable to use typical equipement in a casino room with tighter security (such as body-friskying and searching, or you needing to wear light clothing)


* Very poor internet access (this is rarely a problem because we can already use multiple phones to send video, but the latest mod gives us another option).


* The ball is almost invisible at very fast speeds and/or on LCD screens.


* Enhanced ability for single players to use the Hybrid without any operator.


This mod is a bit of overkill, but it’s nice to have the enhanced capabilities in case they are ever needed.

Server problems

There was a brief website interruption so some sites were down for a while. I’m not sure what caused the problem but restored an earlier backup. To ensure JAA and help desk was unchanged, I applied the latest databases after restoring the sites. Again despite the time of year I can still respond to critical issues. The sites and JAA were down only for about an hour. When I’m back I’ll have a closer look to see what happened. It was probably a server update conflict (php version).

Christmas Holidays

I’ll be away from about 23rd December to about 6th January. I’m not sure of the exact dates I’ll be away. During this period, I expect to only respond to urgent emails and issues. There will likely be a backlog of emails when I return so please be patient and I’ll respond asasp.

Support staff

Just to make a point clear, my partners are only rarely answering emails and support tickets. They still play a part because of my agreement with them, but their role is more limited. I’ll be selling some of my websites, but keeping others like the forums, the roulette computer sites, and roulettephysics.com. You’ll probably know when because they’ll run casino ads from new owners. This does not at all mean I’m moving away from roulette. I just wont be able to continue the sales side of things.

Surespot messages

Just a note to let players know I only have Surespot on and the phone close to me if there are active Hybrid sessions (any servers activated). Otherwise I may not even have the phone with me, then the quickest way to reach me is via regular email. So if you have an urgent message to send me and you don’t personally have an active server or session, then surespot is not the quickest way to contact me. Only use surespot if you have an active session.


This applies to operators (purchasers or operators): If you are in the middle of a REAL CASINO SESSION ONLY and cannot access the server:


First, very carefully check all settings to see if you’re missing something.


If you tried everything and still have problems, message me on Surespot (any time of day or night). Then I’ll log on the server and fix any problems. If I’m sleeping, your message will wake me. If you don’t get a response within a minute later, resend messages. Chances are I’ll hear the first one anyway. Do not expect any detailed conversation. The worst that can happen is a full server reboot is needed, which takes 1 minute.


If you have server access issues but it is NOT in a real casino session, then just contact me via regular email then I’ll respond when possible. Please NEVER use Surespot for normal support issues. It is ONLY for live sessions in real casinos.


I no longer use my mobile phone (calls) for urgent issues because there were still players calling at 3am for trivial issues. Now I’ll only use Surespot, but only Hybrid players are added to the contact list.

Hybrid Booking Confirmation Emails

I fixed a configuration error that prevented confirmation emails sometimes being sent when a Hybrid booking was placed, acccepted, refused etc. Now all notification emails should arrive, but still check spam folders.


If you don’t receive either accepted/refused confirmation emails within 24hrs of your booking time, please contact me directly via email.