Closed To New Players From Today

From today (6th May 2021) I’ve stopped accepting new players for the system at

How this affects existing players:

  • As per the contracts, I will continue to support existing players for a further 12 months (from today).
  • Even after the 12 months, you’ll still have access to the software, and technical support to ensure you can access the software. I’ll also sometimes update the instructions if anything needs to be clearer. But I wont be available to provide further email, help desk or phone support.

So basically if you’re a new player, you have 12 months to learn to how to use the system and software. It’s more than you need.

For now I’m still taking new roulette computer players, and support for roulette computer players is unchanged. This includes the computer service players, and purchasers. However, I expect to also close to new roulette computer players soon. Learn more at