IMPORTANT: Hybrid, Uber & JAA phone IP and port changes

Within the next few days, almost everyone will need new IP addresses and PORTS to use in the mobile phone apps. This will apply to the Hybrid, Remote Uber, and JAA phone. Without the correct IP and port, you wont be able to connect to your server. Make sure your whole team has the updated details.

If I see your server is being used when I’m doing the changes, I’ll delay your changes until your server isn’t being used. Monitor your email for the updated details, so your team can change the app settings without much delay.

I will email each team leader with their new IP and ports to use. Keep that email somewhere safe, and where you can refer to it as needed.

I don’t know exactly when the change will be complete for everyone. I’m completely replacing some network configurations, which is very tedious to do for every server. So it may even take up to a week to switch everyone to their new network.

The change is being done for a few reasons. Mostly it will result in lower video and prediction lag. The lag difference may only be 200ms at most, but it also means more reliable video transmission to the server. Most users have little lag and probably wont notice a difference. But some users will have a significant improvement.

The change means we’ll stop using OpenVPN. The video transmissions for the Hybrid will still be encrypted (it was double encrypted with OpenVPN). But I suggest everyone use a commercial VPN provider of their own. This will give an extra layer of encryption. The VPN provider should be fast, and with a server near where you play. To check your VPN’s speed, run both with and without being connected to the VPN, then compare the difference. The less the difference, the faster the VPN, and the better it is.