Hybrid & Uber Custom Server Locations

You can now have servers in custom locations. The benefits are:

  • Get predictions 1-2 seconds earlier (useful if you really need the extra time)
  • Every communication between the players and the server are much “snappier” because the ping is lower.


It takes me about 12 hours to set up a new server with a custom location (mostly because of uploads). And the cost for the actual server depends on where you want it, and the host’s prices. You pay the cost-price of the server, plus $100 setup fee. So if the server costs $300/month, then you pay $100 setup PLUS $300 per month (for however long you need it). The minimum term for custom server location is 1 month.

The typical ping between players and the server is about 300-500ms. But with custom server location it’s roughly 20-30ms. Still I can’t guarantee exact ping times.