Christmas holidays schedule

Through the holiday period I’ll still respond to emails, although only the more time-sensitive ones for now. But again please keep in mind I’m semi-retired and might only sit at my pc once a week (unless there’s an urgent issue). Some of the delays are more than everyone would like, and I’ll try to keep up with emails. From about 5th January I’ll work on catching up on emails.

Players can still contact me anytime (via phone messages) with urgent matters relating to servers being online.

On a final note for the year, I hope everyone has a good Christmas break and takes time to unwind.

New Private Messenger App

From now on we’re using a new private messenger app called Session. Get it from

When you’ve installed it, you create your “Session ID”. This is basically your username. When you’ve created your Session ID, contact me via encrypted email and ask for my ID so you can message me. Also specify who you are by stating your encrypted email address.

Remember this app is ONLY for emergency support, like if a roulette computer server is down. But we will also use it for booked support sessions.

Wickr messages and emergency contact

Over the past few weeks, I havent been getting any Wickr notifications, so I haven’t been aware of server issues without checking my email. The problem was players were still abusing the Wickr by sending me messages that weren’t critical. So I disabled notifications temporarily, but forgot to re-enable them – I thought I had, but missed one setting.

The problem appears fixed now. Normally I will respond to a Wickr message within a minute or so, unless I’m asleep. Check my hours (Melbourne Australia), and if I’m asleep (usually between 11pm – 6am), and you get no response, send a few messages.

Again Wickr is only for emergency messages, like the server being down while you’re playing for real. No other reason is acceptable unless I’ve requested it. Please don’t abuse it or I’ll have to start blocking individual players, which I really don’t want to do.

Hybrid & Uber Custom Server Locations

You can now have servers in custom locations. The benefits are:

  • Get predictions 1-2 seconds earlier (useful if you really need the extra time)
  • Every communication between the players and the server are much “snappier” because the ping is lower.


It takes me about 12 hours to set up a new server with a custom location (mostly because of uploads). And the cost for the actual server depends on where you want it, and the host’s prices. You pay the cost-price of the server, plus $100 setup fee. So if the server costs $300/month, then you pay $100 setup PLUS $300 per month (for however long you need it). The minimum term for custom server location is 1 month.

The typical ping between players and the server is about 300-500ms. But with custom server location it’s roughly 20-30ms. Still I can’t guarantee exact ping times.

Hybrid, Uber and JAA server changes

Because of the encryption servers between players and the actual servers, there is sometimes connection instability. I’ve made some changes to improve connection reliability. You’ll still use the same server address, but the underlying IP is different (not that it makes a difference to you, except where apps need the actual IP). Basically what’s different is a single likely more stable encryption server is being used, instead of multiple encryption servers. It might take a few weeks to know if it resolves issues. Let me know if you have any connection issues.

Company and bank account closure

I’m in the process of de-registering the company, so I’m closing the associated bank account too. Please do not send further payments to the previous address as they’ll bounce back to you. Any payments you recently sent would have arrived by now.

As per earlier notice, I’m retiring and am not taking new players at least for the system. I haven’t been for over a year now. I’ll still take new computer players ( on a case-by-case basis.

FOR EXISTING PLAYERS: I’ll still maintain the roulette computer servers as promised.

FEW NEW COMPUTER PLAYERS, OR ANYONE SENDING ME PAYMENTS: Contact me directly for new account details.

General schedule update for 2022

I’ve been very preoccupied with unrelated business, so my responses have been slow for some time. But I explained this would be the case long ago. I haven’t been taking new players for the system for around a year now, and my support for system players “officially” stopped just recently. This means I no longer have a legal obligation to support system players, although I still will. Of course access to the jaa and related software will continue regardless.

System players: please keep in mind I’m semi-retired, and gave notice of the situation over a year ago. Virtually no players would be affected though, because you’ve all had a year to learn the system and ask any questions. You can still get help via the help desk, but please be patient. And please keep questions clear and simple.

Computer player support is continuing as usual. I’m still not looking for new players to join my private teams, but I can introduce new players to other teams (who have purchased a computer). This is done via so I can screen new players for teams. If you find anyone who’s interested in joining your team, send them to this page and I can screen the player for you (it’s easy for me as I send template emails, which eliminates people who aren’t a good match).

I plan to do a few more support videos, which will cover some of the less-used features to target specific diamonds, and squeeze out more edge. We don’t normally use them though, because they require you to skip some spins. This increases your edge, but makes play take longer. So generally a more practical option is to find wheels you can easily beat, even with basic settings. For now, they’re still very common. Nothing significant has changed in roulette for 20 or so years (except perhaps RRS, which is still very rare anyway). If wheels become more difficult to beat, then you’ll need to use the more advanced features. But it doesn’t look like they’ll change anytime soon.

I’m also continuing computer sales for now. While the wheel is set up for more instructional videos, I may do another demo, live via webcam. I haven’t done for perhaps a year or so.

IMPORTANT: Hybrid, Uber & JAA phone IP and port changes

Within the next few days, almost everyone will need new IP addresses and PORTS to use in the mobile phone apps. This will apply to the Hybrid, Remote Uber, and JAA phone. Without the correct IP and port, you wont be able to connect to your server. Make sure your whole team has the updated details.

If I see your server is being used when I’m doing the changes, I’ll delay your changes until your server isn’t being used. Monitor your email for the updated details, so your team can change the app settings without much delay.

I will email each team leader with their new IP and ports to use. Keep that email somewhere safe, and where you can refer to it as needed.

I don’t know exactly when the change will be complete for everyone. I’m completely replacing some network configurations, which is very tedious to do for every server. So it may even take up to a week to switch everyone to their new network.

The change is being done for a few reasons. Mostly it will result in lower video and prediction lag. The lag difference may only be 200ms at most, but it also means more reliable video transmission to the server. Most users have little lag and probably wont notice a difference. But some users will have a significant improvement.

The change means we’ll stop using OpenVPN. The video transmissions for the Hybrid will still be encrypted (it was double encrypted with OpenVPN). But I suggest everyone use a commercial VPN provider of their own. This will give an extra layer of encryption. The VPN provider should be fast, and with a server near where you play. To check your VPN’s speed, run both with and without being connected to the VPN, then compare the difference. The less the difference, the faster the VPN, and the better it is.