General schedule update for 2022

I’ve been very preoccupied with unrelated business, so my responses have been slow for some time. But I explained this would be the case long ago. I haven’t been taking new players for the system for around a year now, and my support for system players “officially” stopped just recently. This means I no longer have a legal obligation to support system players, although I still will. Of course access to the jaa and related software will continue regardless.

System players: please keep in mind I’m semi-retired, and gave notice of the situation over a year ago. Virtually no players would be affected though, because you’ve all had a year to learn the system and ask any questions. You can still get help via the help desk, but please be patient. And please keep questions clear and simple.

Computer player support is continuing as usual. I’m still not looking for new players to join my private teams, but I can introduce new players to other teams (who have purchased a computer). This is done via so I can screen new players for teams. If you find anyone who’s interested in joining your team, send them to this page and I can screen the player for you (it’s easy for me as I send template emails, which eliminates people who aren’t a good match).

I plan to do a few more support videos, which will cover some of the less-used features to target specific diamonds, and squeeze out more edge. We don’t normally use them though, because they require you to skip some spins. This increases your edge, but makes play take longer. So generally a more practical option is to find wheels you can easily beat, even with basic settings. For now, they’re still very common. Nothing significant has changed in roulette for 20 or so years (except perhaps RRS, which is still very rare anyway). If wheels become more difficult to beat, then you’ll need to use the more advanced features. But it doesn’t look like they’ll change anytime soon.

I’m also continuing computer sales for now. While the wheel is set up for more instructional videos, I may do another demo, live via webcam. I haven’t done for perhaps a year or so.