Wickr messages and emergency contact

Over the past few weeks, I havent been getting any Wickr notifications, so I haven’t been aware of server issues without checking my email. The problem was players were still abusing the Wickr by sending me messages that weren’t critical. So I disabled notifications temporarily, but forgot to re-enable them – I thought I had, but missed one setting.

The problem appears fixed now. Normally I will respond to a Wickr message within a minute or so, unless I’m asleep. Check my hours (Melbourne Australia), and if I’m asleep (usually between 11pm – 6am), and you get no response, send a few messages.

Again Wickr is only for emergency messages, like the server being down while you’re playing for real. No other reason is acceptable unless I’ve requested it. Please don’t abuse it or I’ll have to start blocking individual players, which I really don’t want to do.