JAA phone server access problems

If you are having difficulty connecting to the phone JAA server, on your phone, remove and re-install the OpenVPN profile from scratch. You cant use the old .ovpn file. I reconfigured the server to automatically reconnect if the connection is ever interupted. It seems to be working as intended, but let me know if there are any further problems.

Lite computer updates

There will be some minor updates to the Lite computer. Specifically it will enable you to define the rotor deceleration rate, and it fixes a bug for american 00 wheels. It should be available in about 2 weeks. If you want the update you’ll need to send back your phone (just the phone, a cover note, and nothing else).

Shipping & Hybrid updates

Hybrid Updates: I expect the prototype of a new mod in a few days. It is designed to improve ball timing accuracy especially when the ball is at a fast speed. Initial testing showed an improvement but more testing is needed with the prototype, to see if it’s an improvement of existing algorithms. I’m only guessing if everything goes well, it will be implemented in the hybrid software in abiout 1-2 weeks.


Shipping: There were a few orders of spare parts like cables, and some phones. If you expecting anything to be shipped, it will be shipped this upcoming week.

Hybrid updates

The updates are complete and ready to be installed on servers. I haven’t found any problems from testing I’ve done. If you want me to update your server, request this next time you make a server booking. Then I send your access details, I’ll include links to updated phone apps.

Updated Hybrid Instructions

I’ve reviewed and updated the Operator and Player instructions to ensure accurate and clear explanations for the latest versions. Download them from the same locations. The most significant changes are in the Operator instructions, especially relating to ball samples. The Player instructions only had minor changes.


Soon I’ll create a video explaining complete application from start to finish. It would be ideal for me to provide real casino recordings, but they are private so I’ll need to create a separate video.


Also there is a bug in the latest camera app (server-side). It is a simple bug to fix, although the programmer is away for a few days and will fix when he’s back. The bug caused a server CPU overload.

Hybrid Updates This Week

The Hybrid update for easier camera aiming are already available. They are already being used flawlessly. Soon the following Hybrid updates will also be available:


Camera stabilization: If the camera is body-worn, zooming long distances inevitably causes video shaking. So video stabilization is being implemented. It is almost done and should be ready in a day or so.


Quicker learning of ball deceleration rates, easier monitoring of deceleration rate changes, and easier monitoring of accuracy: This mod is already coded in a test program, and is being moved to the main Hybrid software today. In addition to higher accuracy, the mod allows players to better know if the ball is rolling too chaotically for early predictions. Specifically you will better know how early is too early. It’s especially useful for automated wheels where the ball deceleration is sometimes deliberately manipulated with magnets and air compressors.


These and recent mods means new camera users and teams can get started with very little training and practise. Again they’ll be ready for use in a day or so, but before official release I’ll need to update the instructions.


When it’s all ready, I’ll make another announcement.

Updated Hybrid Camera App

The update Hybrid camera app is now available. This is the version that makes camera aiming and zooming even easier.


INSTRUCTIONS: The updated instructions are available from the same place. Download the PLAYER instructions, not the Operator instructions. See the updated information in Chapter 3, at the bottom under the heading "Updated Android Camera App".


INSTALLING THE APP: Install the same was as other apps. Contact me for the download link. Please only contact me via encrypted email or the forum Help Desk.


IMPORTANT: If you want to use the updated app, let me know because I’ll need to update your server.

Hybrid updates

In the past week or so I’ve been spent most time on the Hybrid updates. The latest ETA on the camera mod is mid next week – maybe more towards the end of the week because I’ll be away for the next few days. It’s all functional except on one model phone, but still there are a few parts to be aded later, though not essential. For now the time consuming part is proving to be resolving compatability issues with different phone models.


There may also be a change to the way the ball deceleration rate is modelled. The intention is to make it learn much quicker while retaining accuracy. It is not normally needed, but if you play a very fast rotor (2s or so), then any error is compounded.


Overall if you’re waiting for the updates, it wont be much longer. Because I’ve been focusing on the updates, my email responses have been sluggish but I expect to be up to date on emails by end of today.

Hybrid mods for monitoring condition changes

Various updates have been made to the main Hybrid v3 software (server). Initial testing indicates everything is working perfectly, but I’ll do more testing to make sure. Then I’ll install the updated version to the servers.


The updates include some minor interface changes to improve operator efficiency. The more important updates enable the operator to more easily monitor condition changes, especially on fast rotors – to maintain edge.


Once I’ve completed testing, I’ll update the insructions.


Also regarding the camera app updates, there are some parts that still need work before it is available. But again the main functionality is done and works perfectly. It will dramatically reduce the learning curve for teams (camera users). It could already be used in real conditions, but it’s better to wait for the last parts to be done.


If you are a new team starting up, don’t spend time on camera training yet because everything will be much easier with the updated app. The only downside is you may need a more powerful phone, but I wont know yet because more development is needed for the typical phone model we use. We can expect the latest version to be available for use by mid next week.