Emergency Wickr messages for Uber/Hybrid servers

For now I’m disabling notifications on my mobile phone for Uber and Hybrid servers. This is because casinos are mostly closed anyway, so there is no significant need for urgent messages for now. Also too many players are still using the emergency messaging app (Wickr) to contact me for issues that aren’t related to urgent server issues.

As I’ve mentioned many times, the emergency messaging app is only for emergencies. I’ve updated the instructions to clarify when you should or shouldn’t use Wickr.

The significant change is use Wickr only if it’s relating to server access for a real-money session. If you have server issues just during testing, use email instead. See the relevant updated instructions below:

Sometimes you may need emergency support. For urgent issues, contact me via Wickr, and it will wake me if I’m sleeping. Usually I’ll respond within a minute or so. If you get no response after a few minutes, try messaging me again. But there are strict rules for using Wikr as explained below:


Use Wickr to contact me only if you’re an Operator with an approved server booking for a real-play situation (for real money), AND:

  • Have followed all troubleshooting steps but cannot access the server, or
  • A critical part of the server has crashed that has made it unusable (in or 10 minutes before the booked time)

For all other issues, please only use encrypted email.

Basically Wickr is ONLY for urgent and critical issues relating to server access. It is NOT for anything else, including:

  • Non-urgent support-related questions.
  • Any questions or issues that aren’t related to the server being online and accessible.

The only exceptions are in a booked live support session with me, or a real-play situation with me as the Operator.


  • Slow or jittery access to the server desktop (unless it’s completely unusable during a real-casino session, email me about this)
  • Wanting to know how the earpiece battery is replaced, even if during a real-casino session.
  • Asking if I received an email you sent.

Wickr messages go directly to my personal phone that’s always with me. And it beeps loudly so I never miss messages. I will continue to give urgent support. But players that regularly abuse Wickr will need to be restricted. However, one problem is it’s not necessarily particular players – it’s many different players. The combined effect for me is regular disruptive messages. So restricting just a few players wont solve the issue.

It may seem trivial for one player to send an occasional message, like a “quick question”. But when different players do this each day, it creates constant disruptions that significantly reduce my efficiency. Previously players could call my private phone, but only for urgent issues. But still I received calls even while sleeping. Eventually I had to change numbers because players didn’t respect the restrictions. The same happens with Wickr.

I sincerely care about giving you all needed support. And very rarely is an issue genuinely critical and urgent, to the point where you might lose money if you don’t get an immediate resolution. So if you have any issues that aren’t critical and urgent, please email me (instead of using Wickr) and I’ll respond in detail when possible.

JAA phone version update

The updated version is now available. All data has been moved to the new server.

For this version, you do NOT use OpenVPN or any VPN, because the encryption is built-in.

First uninstall the old apps, delete them from your phone’s “Downloads folder”, then install the new one.

The updated instructions with the download link are at https://www.roulettephysics.com/forum/index.php?action=kb;area=article;cont=65 (log into the forum to see).

Hybrid / Uber teams & JAA Phone Updates

HYBRID/UBER TEAMS: Just a note to mention more teams (PLAYERS) are at the final stages of becoming qualified, with all equipment. And after them there will be more. I don’t think casinos are too far from re-opening again.

JAA PHONE UPDATES: Updates to JAA phone version are almost done. They arent major updates. Basically one part reduces the amount of numbers to bet (to 3-7 or so, depending on the wheel), and this will often increase the edge, and make more wheels profitable. But the downside is in some cases you’ll need to play for longer, to be more assured of profit (to overcome short-term variance). I’ve weighted the settings so there’s the best of both worlds. It will be available probably before the end of nect week. There will also be a new android app (optional), which makes it easier to reject spins if you know you made a mistake

Hybrid/Uber updates applied

All servers have now been upgraded. There isn’t much difference to instructions, but I’ll only have time to finish them tomorrow. You wont need to download the whole Operator instruction again. Operators only need to email me via encrypted email and ask for the “new ball algorithm instructions”.

Hybrid/Uber updates

There’s just a small bug left. It’s probably just a line of source code. It should be fixed today, then it will take a few hours for me to test everything. So it wont be long now. I’m just sending this quick update because I know some of you are eager to test it out.

Getting more players for roulette computer teams

I’ve updated www.roulette-computers.com so it further encourage “profit split players” to join. I’ve also focused lots of advertising on it, throughout my websites. Activity is very quiet for now because of Coronavirus restrictions, but the changes will recruit more players. There’s no reason why training can’t be done, so teams are well-prepared for when casinos re-open. In fact it’s a great time to get prepared, as most of us have more time on our hands.