Hybrid / Uber teams & JAA Phone Updates

HYBRID/UBER TEAMS: Just a note to mention more teams (PLAYERS) are at the final stages of becoming qualified, with all equipment. And after them there will be more. I don’t think casinos are too far from re-opening again.

JAA PHONE UPDATES: Updates to JAA phone version are almost done. They arent major updates. Basically one part reduces the amount of numbers to bet (to 3-7 or so, depending on the wheel), and this will often increase the edge, and make more wheels profitable. But the downside is in some cases you’ll need to play for longer, to be more assured of profit (to overcome short-term variance). I’ve weighted the settings so there’s the best of both worlds. It will be available probably before the end of nect week. There will also be a new android app (optional), which makes it easier to reject spins if you know you made a mistake