Servers back online

All servers are back online, but many are not at their intended destination because of flooding throughout Sydney. The flooding may not subside for 1-2 weeks. I’ve had to use alternate hardware and locations because the original servers are stuck in transit. At this stage I’m not sure if or when they’ll arrive, because they may be damaged. Covid (actually governments) has kept many casinos locked down so most of you can’t play anyway. The situation wont last forever though.

Because the hardware is different, there may be some differences, such as screen resolutions, and custom port-forwarding rules for VPS bypasses. I can’t apply custom port rules for now.

The only servers on are those with 24/7 access. You’ll need a booking to have your server online. But for now I only have limited hardware, and need to restore backups – so I will need 48hrs notice to switch a server on.

If your server is online, please test it and let me know any issues you have.

Everything will be back to normal soon, but please be patient as the flooding is very serious for Sydney and it’s not something we could have predicted.