General update

It’s been an extremely busy week and I haven’t been able to get everything needed done. Additionally it is Easter Friday and Easter Monday coming up, so I wont be working for the next four days.


The developments this week are:





* The Hybrid can get accurate prediction if the video is much poorer quality, or the wheel is considerably further away


* Ball and green zero detections are still accurate even if the camera is shaking considerably (even deliberate and beyond reasonable shaking)


* Setup is even quicker and easier





This is a side project for members of my free roulette forums. It allows multiple players to play against the same spins and chat to each other. Initially it uses RNG spins but will eventually use either live video from a real casino and/or a frequently updated database of spins from real wheels.


* The game is about 2 days from completion. It is already working but there are a few minor bugs.





* I haven’t had time to properly test the latest version, but will some time next week. The server is configured and ready to go. Once the latest software is installed on it and tested one last time, it will be made available.





Ive had some tickets forwarded to me but I simply haven’t had time to respond yet. I’m aware of them and will respond asap.


System phone update

The programmer got sidetracked doing another task I assigned, so we can expect it to be available some time next week. But to use it, you will need to have the equipment ready as per my earlier post. So getting the equipment should be your focus.

Phone System Instructions

The following instructions are now available (log into forum to see):


Equipment you need:;area=article;cont=63


Installing the software:;area=article;cont=64


How to use the software:;area=article;cont=65


The software is very close to being released so if you intend to use it, order your equipment and carefully read the instructions. Then you’ll be ready by the time it is released.


Again with the exception of the custom cable, you don’t need to order anything from me. In fact I suggest not ordering things like the phone from me for reasons explained in the links.

Schedule of software development

The following software development is being done in this order. I’ve listed the approximate development time for each part, so you know when to expect availability:


1. Mod to the Hybrid, which better deals with wheels with very poor wheel visibility (1 week)


2. Adding features to the phone system, including for American 00 support. After this, the phone system will be tested one last time then be made available to players. (1-2 weeks)


3. Adding American 00 support for the Hybrid (2 weeks).


4. The free trial computer AND android computer (2-3 weeks).


5. Minor mods to the Hybrid apps to make them easier to use (1 week).



To this point, it’s about 2 months of full-time programming. Then I’ll consider what work is next highest priority.

Android roulette computer

It appears the Android roulette computer will be developed after all. This is because:


* We’re creating the free trial computer, so anyone can test basic roulette computer algorithms on video recorded spins.


* The server for the trial computer will already be created, so the Android computer would not require as much development anyway.


The trial computer will enable anyone (with approved access) to use the full capabilties of the computer, including more advanced algorithms, but I can make the server deliberately delay the prediction. This way the player can test on any wheel they want, including at their local casino. But the predictions will intentionally be too late to be usable. I can easily remove this restriction for full versions.


I don’t have time for public or private demonstrations anymore, and besides allowing anyone to test on any wheel they want is easier. And it’s a better way to prove effectiveness without any risk to anyone.


Also I’ll be able to see all data and advise any player in real-time. So you can be playing in the casino and send me a message to give advice, and I can log on and check data for you, then provide advice. Altough you’d need to give me a "heads-up" a day or so beforehand, because I wont always be available.


I’ll explain more about it eventually. It will probably be available in about 1-2 months.

Behind on emails

I’ve been very busy testing software so am about a week behind on emails. But I’ve finished testing for now and will catch up on all emails by the end of tomorrow. All development with all software is going exceptionally well. There some updates to come in the coming days, mainly about getting started with the phone system.

JAA phone system

Everything is working perfectly for the first release, and the server is working. However before it is made available, the following needs to be mentioned:


* I’ve explored various options with the support partners who now earn more from "sales". Basically I’ve paid for all software development at my own expense, although the phone system is not essential. I never expected them to cover the cost. They wont be covering the cost of running the servers either. This is partly why the phone system is not part of the official product. So I’ll be running the server myself, and require players to pay a small fee for players to have continued access to the servers. This includes the data server and the encyption servers. I make no profit from it. The cost a player pays is only $1/month. For this we’ll do an annual paypal subscription of $12/year. There is also the added cost of hardware, but again I don’t profit from that and you buy it from other sources anyway, except for the optional cable.


* For now only European wheels are supported, but it will only take a week for 00 wheels to be supported too. Because there are many USA players, I’d rather wait until that mod is done. Otherwise there is a lot of extra messing around with servers and updates. It isnt a lot extra to wait. But at the same time remember that it may be illegal in some states. Definitely not legal in Vegas, and it is against the terms to use it illegally.


* There will soon be an update for betting charts, but this is easier said than done with some of the modifications. It may need to be that if you use betting charts instead of the phone hidden at the table, accuracy may be reduced. It’s something that needs time and thought to minimize limitations.



Jaa phone update 2

I had time to do enough testing and found the software is almost perfect. As expected there are just minor fixes, and they should be fixed within an hour or so.


So it may be available next week, but a more conservative estimate is still within 2 weeks. This is mostly because I need to also write the instructions, but this wont take too long. I also need to configure the server, which can be a tedious process.

Phone system update

I’ve received what appears to be the final release, which means everything is working. But I need to fully test everything and see if anything needs fixing or changing. This programmer is very good so usually if any changes are needed, they’re only minor. But I wont have time to test fully until next week. I expect it will be available for use in a bit under 2 weeks from now.