Android roulette computer

It appears the Android roulette computer will be developed after all. This is because:


* We’re creating the free trial computer, so anyone can test basic roulette computer algorithms on video recorded spins.


* The server for the trial computer will already be created, so the Android computer would not require as much development anyway.


The trial computer will enable anyone (with approved access) to use the full capabilties of the computer, including more advanced algorithms, but I can make the server deliberately delay the prediction. This way the player can test on any wheel they want, including at their local casino. But the predictions will intentionally be too late to be usable. I can easily remove this restriction for full versions.


I don’t have time for public or private demonstrations anymore, and besides allowing anyone to test on any wheel they want is easier. And it’s a better way to prove effectiveness without any risk to anyone.


Also I’ll be able to see all data and advise any player in real-time. So you can be playing in the casino and send me a message to give advice, and I can log on and check data for you, then provide advice. Altough you’d need to give me a "heads-up" a day or so beforehand, because I wont always be available.


I’ll explain more about it eventually. It will probably be available in about 1-2 months.