JAA phone system

Everything is working perfectly for the first release, and the server is working. However before it is made available, the following needs to be mentioned:


* I’ve explored various options with the support partners who now earn more from "sales". Basically I’ve paid for all software development at my own expense, although the phone system is not essential. I never expected them to cover the cost. They wont be covering the cost of running the servers either. This is partly why the phone system is not part of the official product. So I’ll be running the server myself, and require players to pay a small fee for players to have continued access to the servers. This includes the data server and the encyption servers. I make no profit from it. The cost a player pays is only $1/month. For this we’ll do an annual paypal subscription of $12/year. There is also the added cost of hardware, but again I don’t profit from that and you buy it from other sources anyway, except for the optional cable.


* For now only European wheels are supported, but it will only take a week for 00 wheels to be supported too. Because there are many USA players, I’d rather wait until that mod is done. Otherwise there is a lot of extra messing around with servers and updates. It isnt a lot extra to wait. But at the same time remember that it may be illegal in some states. Definitely not legal in Vegas, and it is against the terms to use it illegally.


* There will soon be an update for betting charts, but this is easier said than done with some of the modifications. It may need to be that if you use betting charts instead of the phone hidden at the table, accuracy may be reduced. It’s something that needs time and thought to minimize limitations.