Hybrid Updated Phone App

A new app is available for the Hybrid phones. This app will work on the original phones too. I’ve tested it with 4 different phones at the same time, and all phones got predictions simultaneously. There’s no known limit to the amount of bettors you can have at the table, but even if there was, 4 is more than you’ll ever need. The update also has some small corrections like saving your settings when the app is closed. Hybrid users: please email me directly if you would like the updated app. You will need to know how to install the app on the phone. With the original phones, you will need a micro SD card to do the installation. You put the app on the SD card from your PC, then put the CD card in the phone and install from the phone’s settings (in the file explorer).
There will be another update of the phone app in about 2-3 weeks, so it is compatible with the other Hybrid mods being done (dynamic and target). It’s up to you if you want to update it now or wait for the other update.
Also remember to delete the old app first (uninstall and remove previous file) so you don’t mix them up.

Hybrid target and dynamic

Development on the next Hybrid mod is going well. Below is a general summary of what this mod will do:
* Automatically determine which areas of the wheel, where the ball falls, produce the most predictable spins. And giving predictions only when the ball is predicted to fall in these parts.
* Automatically determine which rotor speeds produce the most predictable spins, and how far the ball will bounce for specific rotor speeds. It will automatically exclude speeds that produce unpredictable spins.
The emphasis is on automation. When it’s complete, you wont need to think about much at all. The computer will do all the analysis for you and if any predictions aren’t likely to be accurate enough, the computer will tell you so you can make adjustments.
For the average modern wheel, you’ll need around 60 spins per direction for the data to be accurate enough. This is a significant improvement on the Uber which needs many more spins for comparable accuracy to assess ball bounce on different rotor speeds. In rare cases, about 90 spins per direction may be needed but this is for very difficult wheels. Some wheels need only 15 or so spins. But once you have this data, you don’t need to repeat these spins and your edge will in many cases be more than 3 times higher. This mainly depends on the wheel itself and its physical characteristics, and whether or not you’re comparing accuracy on spins with a broad range of rotor speeds.
Once you have those 60-90 spins per direction, a previously 5% edge on a difficult wheel may become 30%, so you can rotate winning players and meet your daily profit target in much less time. This also means being even more covert. So these are not minor additions – it will be the last major mod, with the rest being small tweaks. Again it will be done in two main parts, but there may be a third part. In all, it should be available within around 3 weeks.

New Hybrid Version Available

The updated version of the Hybrid is now available. Users can download from the same location with the same instructions. I’ll remove the upload within 24hrs so please download it before then.
There are only minor changes to this version. Basically it addresses some instability issues. Also set the rotor deceleration rate to -0.0084 instead. I need to create a video that explains how to fine-tune this value for whatever wheel you are playing on, because some rotors are significantly different. Although before I have the chance to make the video, we may have even implemented the feature that automatically determines the correct value for you. It won’t be a significant difference in most cases though, but it’s better to use the correct value especially in cases where rotor speeds vary significantly.

New Uber Computer

With the Hybrid development well in control, heavy development has begun on the new Uber version. I don’t think we’ll call it “Uber” though to avoid confusion. If anyone has a good name in mind, let me know.
Some of the benefits of this version will be:
* Same accuracy as Uber, but much easier to use. It will run you through each step so you wouldn’t even need to read the instructions. I want to make it so anyone can use it (including the advanced parts).
* All data will be saved to a server via wireless internet. This way I can easily review data and offer advice. For example, I’ll be able to see your jump charts, and all other data including ball timings. So if you’re doing something wrong, it will be much easier for me to support you.
Again the emphasis will be on simplicity, without compromising on accuracy.
I don’t know what the price will be yet. It depends on development costs. But I intend to offer payment plans with it. For example, eligible players will just need to pay the costs of hardware, and can pay the rest off with winnings.
From here I expect the first version will be working within a month. But it will need a lot of testing before it is released. In total, approximately 2 months before it’s available.

Closing and Resolving Tickets Via The Helpdesk

When I respond to your ticket, if the matter is clearly resolved, I’ll mark it resolved and close the ticket. You can still re-open it if matters still aren’t resolved, then add a new reply to the ticket. But in matters where you may have further questions, the ticket will stay open after my response. Then if after a week you don’t respond to it, I’ll assume you have no further questions, and I’ll automatically close it. This is so I don’t have a long list of unresolved tickets in my helpdesk interface. You can still re-open any ticket if needed.

Hybrid training video

Next week I’ll be doing a full training video for the hybrid roulette computer. It will more be a general training video than a live support meeting, so all hybrid users will be able to learn from it. Then in the weeks afterwards, we’ll do a live webcam meeting via www.ustream.tv so all players can ask whatever questions as they come to mind during the whole process. This will also be recorded so hybrid users can learn from it. Essentially the two videos will be very similar, but the second one will include all the questions players have asked, with my responses. If you manage to stay awake for the second video (it will be long and tedious), you’ll learn a lot from it.
I will remind everyone later, but if you attend the live meeting/training:
* Do NOT create a ustream account using your real name
* Do NOT release any private information via the chat window
This is because other people will be able to see the chat window. It will be a private and password-protected broadcast, but still other players who you do not know will see the video at some stage later. If you’ve already used your real name in your account, don’t worry the video wont be released to anyone but you for your review.

Marking priority of tickets in help desk

Some players are marking tickets as critical and urgent etc for matters that aren’t justifiably urgent. An urgent matter is something like you being in a casino and you forgot to force a code earlier. This should never happen anyway if you check when the code expires. Almost never are matters truly urgent. I pay close attention to matters that are marked urgent, and respond usually within 1-3 hours if matters are truly urgent. Basically I’m asking that people don’t abuse the urgency ratings.

Hybrid green area mod complete

The Hybrid mod where the jump chart’s green areas are highlighted is now complete and working perfectly. It was actually completed last week. The next couple of mods are some minor corrections. These shouldn’t take long, but this kind of work is unpredictable because we need to find the source of problems first. The issues haven’t been reported and are rare, but I’ve experienced them in my own tests.
Then the next mods will be based mostly around diamond targeting and dynamic tuning to account for different ball bounce on different rotor speeds (otherwise known as “target” and “dynamic”). This part will be done likely in two stages though. On some wheels, this can triple accuracy of predictions. The downside is you usually need to skip a few spins in between, although isn’t really a problem in real casinos because you don’t normally bet on every computer prediction anyway, or your behavior is too obvious. You want to bet only on the most accurate predictions. In typical conditions, you may bet only on 1 in 3 spins.

Hybrid & JAA updates

The latest hybrid update is now available. There will be another in about a week. The JAA update is still not complete. The programmer did say it was, but I expected he would have missed something. It is incredibly close to ready, and is just missing one part that the programmer can’t seem to understand. Granted it is complex, and progress is being made, albeit much more slowly than it should have been.

Hybrid V3 Mod: Chart green areas

The programmer is starting work on the next mod, which is implementation of the green areas for the jump charts. These make it easier to know the optimal jump counts – it’s the same algorithm used by JAA and the Uber computer. There are still lots of little mods that are being done, although none are critical, and I don’t need reminding. Everything is being done in order of priority. As for the latest release, I’ll make it available either today or tomorrow depending on available time.