Hybrid training video

Next week I’ll be doing a full training video for the hybrid roulette computer. It will more be a general training video than a live support meeting, so all hybrid users will be able to learn from it. Then in the weeks afterwards, we’ll do a live webcam meeting via www.ustream.tv so all players can ask whatever questions as they come to mind during the whole process. This will also be recorded so hybrid users can learn from it. Essentially the two videos will be very similar, but the second one will include all the questions players have asked, with my responses. If you manage to stay awake for the second video (it will be long and tedious), you’ll learn a lot from it.
I will remind everyone later, but if you attend the live meeting/training:
* Do NOT create a ustream account using your real name
* Do NOT release any private information via the chat window
This is because other people will be able to see the chat window. It will be a private and password-protected broadcast, but still other players who you do not know will see the video at some stage later. If you’ve already used your real name in your account, don’t worry the video wont be released to anyone but you for your review.