Hybrid target and dynamic

Development on the next Hybrid mod is going well. Below is a general summary of what this mod will do:
* Automatically determine which areas of the wheel, where the ball falls, produce the most predictable spins. And giving predictions only when the ball is predicted to fall in these parts.
* Automatically determine which rotor speeds produce the most predictable spins, and how far the ball will bounce for specific rotor speeds. It will automatically exclude speeds that produce unpredictable spins.
The emphasis is on automation. When it’s complete, you wont need to think about much at all. The computer will do all the analysis for you and if any predictions aren’t likely to be accurate enough, the computer will tell you so you can make adjustments.
For the average modern wheel, you’ll need around 60 spins per direction for the data to be accurate enough. This is a significant improvement on the Uber which needs many more spins for comparable accuracy to assess ball bounce on different rotor speeds. In rare cases, about 90 spins per direction may be needed but this is for very difficult wheels. Some wheels need only 15 or so spins. But once you have this data, you don’t need to repeat these spins and your edge will in many cases be more than 3 times higher. This mainly depends on the wheel itself and its physical characteristics, and whether or not you’re comparing accuracy on spins with a broad range of rotor speeds.
Once you have those 60-90 spins per direction, a previously 5% edge on a difficult wheel may become 30%, so you can rotate winning players and meet your daily profit target in much less time. This also means being even more covert. So these are not minor additions – it will be the last major mod, with the rest being small tweaks. Again it will be done in two main parts, but there may be a third part. In all, it should be available within around 3 weeks.