New Uber Computer

With the Hybrid development well in control, heavy development has begun on the new Uber version. I don’t think we’ll call it “Uber” though to avoid confusion. If anyone has a good name in mind, let me know.
Some of the benefits of this version will be:
* Same accuracy as Uber, but much easier to use. It will run you through each step so you wouldn’t even need to read the instructions. I want to make it so anyone can use it (including the advanced parts).
* All data will be saved to a server via wireless internet. This way I can easily review data and offer advice. For example, I’ll be able to see your jump charts, and all other data including ball timings. So if you’re doing something wrong, it will be much easier for me to support you.
Again the emphasis will be on simplicity, without compromising on accuracy.
I don’t know what the price will be yet. It depends on development costs. But I intend to offer payment plans with it. For example, eligible players will just need to pay the costs of hardware, and can pay the rest off with winnings.
From here I expect the first version will be working within a month. But it will need a lot of testing before it is released. In total, approximately 2 months before it’s available.