JAA system phone

The programmer who was working on this completed about 85% of it, then went on vacation for weeks without telling me, and came back promising to finish it, but hasn’t. He was reliable with other projects, but not this one. I’m tired of waiting and will use another programmer. This kind of situation is common and it leaves me having an unfinished program and a lost investment. It happened numerous times while developing the Hybrid, which was a nightmare to develop, before I found a programmer with ability and integrity.
For the system phone, it’s not as simple as just getting a new programmer to finish the last 15% because it takes a lot of work for the new programmer to first understand how the previous programmer structured the source code. It is actually quicker, cheaper and easier to have another programmer start from scratch, which is what I’ll be doing. But I’ll be using a programmer I’ve worked with for a while, and he’s very reliable. For now though, my focus is on finishing the remote Hybrid. All things considered, I expect the system phone will be available in around 1-2 months.