Hybrid remote

The modification that allows multiple users to be connected is now complete and works perfectly. To make sure nothing has been missed, I testing everything from start to finish on my wheel through the phone / GSM networks at my residence. The reception is very poor (rural area) and unpredictably switches between 1 bar, 2 bars, or no reception at all. The 3G (standard mobile internet) connection is even worse, and there is no 4G (faster mobile internet) at all. This is much worse than you get in most casinos, so perhaps it’s good for testing.
Testing revealed an issue where if the connection is very bad, the video won’t play properly and predictions wont be accurate. The issue is being worked on and should be resolved within a week or so. The end result will be if the internet connection is very bad, the result is only delayed predictions, not inaccurate predictions (delay depends on quality of connection). This is is already the case for average connection quality, but not if the connection is extremely bad.
But I’ll still make the server available to players tomorrow (Wednesday). You just need to be aware of the issue. I suggest when you first have access, only test at home. Do not play in a real casino until this issue is fixed.
I couldn’t find any other issues but will continue testing after the issue is resolved. If any users find problems, let me know details. If you have been waiting for access, send me an email and I’ll send what you need by the end of Wednesday.