Hybrid team coordination

If you applied to the Hybrid service, please keep in mind there are lots of teams, and individuals without teams, so it is very difficult for me to coordinate everything. For example, one player may be alone and waiting for a suitable team to need a bettor. If you are such a player, I would have you on the list, and will try and find a matching team for you. This can take anywhere from 1-6 months. It mostly depends on what other teams and individuals need.


If you are a serious player and in a good position to travel and play, I will likely eventually find a place for you. But please don’t RELY on me to find a place for you. That’s because there are many players, and it’s easy to forget to find a place for you.


Still there are cases where a player has been waiting a year or more. This can happen if you, compared to other players, are in a less suitable position to be part of a team. Like for example, you might live in a region nowhere near a suitable casino but still able to travel with perhaps 30 day notice, and have little to no experience or success in casinos. You may be a serious and motivated player, but I would naturally give priority to a player I already knew and was able to travel anywhere with little notice. But I will still value your participation because bettors are a important to maximize results.


So basically if you remain a serious player but don’t yet have a team, or have been waiting for me to assign you to a team, my advice is:


* Form your own team: it should be people you can trust with your life. Keep in mind partnerships often turn into bitter disputes. So choose partners carefully.


* Send me a gentle reminder perhaps once a month: to let me know you’re still interested and serious, and should not be forgotten. Notify me of any changes in your personal circumstances that may assist, but please be honest or you can end up inconveniencing a whole team.