Hybrid video transmission & relay software update

There was an issue with the previous versions that meant some combinations of phones and firmware led to disconnection after a few minutes. It didn’t affect all phones, but the programmer found a workaround so it shouldn’t affect any of the recommended phone models. In our tests the connection remains after hours on every phone we’ve tested.


All hybrid players please first uninstall the current software you have (including removing the file from the downloads folder in the phone), then download & install the latest version from the usual location.


Before you book any further "play" sessions, use the booking form to book an "equipment test" session. The test will be for about 10 minutes because affected phones disconnected after around 5 minutes.


Remember even phones that have the same flagship model can have different firmware, and it causes different phones to behave differently. Even if you had no problems before, you will need to install the latest version of the hybrid server will not accept the video properly.




1. Everyone needs to update their apps then test.


2. I’ve cancelled all pending appointments, but you can re-book after you’ve tested with me.


3. Use the booking form to request an "equipment test" session.


4. Also the hybrid instructions have been updated – specifically the parts explaining how to connect and use the updated video apps.