Hybrid service players

I’ll elaborate on my last post about delays for Hybrid service teams. If you are disappointed with you not playing as frequently as you want, you need to understand my situation.


Just recently my partners started taking over a large part of my company to give me more spare time. But still I have very little available time because I am more focused on hybrid application. Like most people, usually I start work around 9am and finish 5pm – I try to live a normal life. And if there is a booking for me as a Hybrid operator for particular jurisdictions, I’ll then work around 1am – 4am, get some sleep and wake up to another day of work. Can I do this every day? No chance. I can do it perhaps twice a week before it becomes a serious problem for my health and lifestyle. So naturally I will favour teams that play during my 9am-5pm hours. But this isn’t a suitable time for all players.


When a player tells me they are upset I haven’t spent enough time with me as an operator, my response is much the same. I can only do what is possible to do. I am one person. It is not about me being unreliable. It is about me having limited time. And remember, a Hybrid service player has not purchased anything from me. I have received no payment up-front. All I can do is try to accommodate what appears to be the most productive players, and teams that show the most promise. I aim to give every player at least the chance to demonstrate they are dilligent and can be productive players. If it wasn’t possible for me to at least give players a chance to prove themselves, I wouldn’t have accepted them as players. And on this note if I’ve played with you a few times and you’re still showing signs that you haven’t followed instructions, it is unlikely I’ll be willing dedicate more time to playing with you. It would be far more viable for me to focus on teams that follow instructions. Even if you still don’t get it right the first time, it’s ok as long as I see your diligence. As it is now, I will not have time for any new players, so I am not accepting new players. But if you have already been accepted as a player, then you will eventually have your turn too.


I am still in the process of training more operators. Since my recent announcement, there are currently a few potential operators studying the Operator Training Manual. And again, if you feel you would be a good Operator, let me know. But please understand I will only select players who are a perfect match.


If you are a player, besides waiting, your other option is to purchase the Hybrid. Then you can be your own operator and have access whenever you want. This is a larger investment than most people are willing to make, although if you see a demo you’ll better understand it’s worth it.


But considering just the service option, you just need to wait until its your turn, either with me or another operator when they are trained. Again it makes life much easier for me if you play during my normal work hours. I can comfortably do two sessions in a day as operator, if they both have a start time between 9am – 2pm.


Usually the FIRST session for you in a casino is the longest wait. That’s because I tend to focus on just a few teams at a time. When we do the initial sessions to test the waters, it isn’t an attempt to win a fortune. It is for you to learn how to use the equipment, and for the operator to better understand your casino’s conditions. Then we would be better prepared for future sessions in which you aim to profit. So in your initial sessions, it doesn’t matter if you play at your 9am – 3pm or when the table is quiet. It doesn’t matter because you wont be doing anything suspicious. And later if your casino’s conditions are good, we can arrange a more suitable time to play for avoiding detection. What I’m saying is if you want to get started earlier, for your first session book for my daytime hours. If you book at my 3am then I’ll put other teams first UNLESS I already know your casino’s conditions are suitable AND your team is properly organized. Put another way, I can play any time of the day with a team in ideal circumstances. But playing with a new team at 3am is a lower priority. They will still get their chance, but with the service option they have to wait.