Hybrid server connection quality

While testing the Hybrid server VPN I found sometimes it can get overloaded. When this happens, players at the table won’t notice but any operator logged onto the same server during overloading will find the remote connection very slow.


I upgraded the affected servers but don’t know if this will fully solve the problem. I also changed a setting that reduces server load, and decreases connection latency (lag). The downside is sometimes small bits of data wont be processed if a connection between any player and the server is poor. If the internet connection is reasonable, then there will be a significant improvement for operators logged on a server.


All Hybrid players will need to re-download and install the VPN software for phones and PCs, but don’t do this unless you are actually playing anytime soon, because the setting may need to be changed back. I’ll need to get feedback from players (including operators) to see if the changes have the intended result. It’s easy to change back, but just means everyone needs to re-download the VPN profile for phones/PCs.