Hybrid service players vs purchasers, and looking for operators

There’s a big difference between a Hybrid service player, and a purchaser of the Hybrid.


A purchaser has access to the server whenever they want, and they can have anyone trained as an operator to work as an operator whenever needed.


A hybrid service player can only use the Hybrid when an operator is available. And currently there are many different teams wanting server time and and operator so they can play. This means progress is much slower than many teams want.


I cannot give a Hybrid service team 24/7 access like a purchaser. Sometimes a service player may not be able to play for many weeks, which can be frustrating for the player. But keep in mind you are getting a service withough paying anything up-front. And naturally the most productive teams will come first.


Some players have asked for some kind of arrangement where they pay for priority service. It’s possible but the problem is still allocating an operator – so for it to be viable you would need your own operator. Let me know if you have suggestions, but please don’t ask to have complete free access as an operator. The point of the service program is to have multiple teams without needing to give access to sensitive equipment.


I am looking for additional operators, but you will need to fulfill particular requirements. Some of them are:


* Fast-learning and intelligent


* Ample free time and flexibility (often you’ll work at inconvenient hours)


* Reliable internet connection


* Already experienced with roulette computers


Many players have asked for access but letting someone access the Hybrid is not something I take lightly. I need to balance the need for discretion and the need to expand its use.