Hybrid mods for monitoring condition changes

Various updates have been made to the main Hybrid v3 software (server). Initial testing indicates everything is working perfectly, but I’ll do more testing to make sure. Then I’ll install the updated version to the servers.


The updates include some minor interface changes to improve operator efficiency. The more important updates enable the operator to more easily monitor condition changes, especially on fast rotors – to maintain edge.


Once I’ve completed testing, I’ll update the insructions.


Also regarding the camera app updates, there are some parts that still need work before it is available. But again the main functionality is done and works perfectly. It will dramatically reduce the learning curve for teams (camera users). It could already be used in real conditions, but it’s better to wait for the last parts to be done.


If you are a new team starting up, don’t spend time on camera training yet because everything will be much easier with the updated app. The only downside is you may need a more powerful phone, but I wont know yet because more development is needed for the typical phone model we use. We can expect the latest version to be available for use by mid next week.