Hybrid Camera App update

The camera app update is progressing very well. It is currently about half complete, although the main function is already done.


The part that isnt done allows the operator to remotely control elements like camera zoom, without needing additional apps. This isn’t essential functionality, but it makes the whole process easier.


Everything should be complete and ready to go within 1-2 weeks. The uncertain parts are more related to getting everything working on different phone models. Compatability is often a difficult issue to resolve. If you have the main models we normally use, there shouldn’t be a problem.


Basically this modification makes aiming the camera much easier. It is especially useful in cases where you stand a long distance from the wheel and would otherwise need to zoom and more carefully aim the camera. With the mod, you just need to aim in the general direction of the wheel, and the app wil automatically zoom video and track the wheel wherever it is.


We’re also adding some Hybrid mods that help the operator better monitor accuracy, especially on very fast rotors.