Hybrid updates

In the past week or so I’ve been spent most time on the Hybrid updates. The latest ETA on the camera mod is mid next week – maybe more towards the end of the week because I’ll be away for the next few days. It’s all functional except on one model phone, but still there are a few parts to be aded later, though not essential. For now the time consuming part is proving to be resolving compatability issues with different phone models.


There may also be a change to the way the ball deceleration rate is modelled. The intention is to make it learn much quicker while retaining accuracy. It is not normally needed, but if you play a very fast rotor (2s or so), then any error is compounded.


Overall if you’re waiting for the updates, it wont be much longer. Because I’ve been focusing on the updates, my email responses have been sluggish but I expect to be up to date on emails by end of today.