Hybrid updates

In the past week or so I’ve been spent most time on the Hybrid updates. The latest ETA on the camera mod is mid next week – maybe more towards the end of the week because I’ll be away for the next few days. It’s all functional except on one model phone, but still there are a few parts to be aded later, though not essential. For now the time consuming part is proving to be resolving compatability issues with different phone models.


There may also be a change to the way the ball deceleration rate is modelled. The intention is to make it learn much quicker while retaining accuracy. It is not normally needed, but if you play a very fast rotor (2s or so), then any error is compounded.


Overall if you’re waiting for the updates, it wont be much longer. Because I’ve been focusing on the updates, my email responses have been sluggish but I expect to be up to date on emails by end of today.

Hybrid mods for monitoring condition changes

Various updates have been made to the main Hybrid v3 software (server). Initial testing indicates everything is working perfectly, but I’ll do more testing to make sure. Then I’ll install the updated version to the servers.


The updates include some minor interface changes to improve operator efficiency. The more important updates enable the operator to more easily monitor condition changes, especially on fast rotors – to maintain edge.


Once I’ve completed testing, I’ll update the insructions.


Also regarding the camera app updates, there are some parts that still need work before it is available. But again the main functionality is done and works perfectly. It will dramatically reduce the learning curve for teams (camera users). It could already be used in real conditions, but it’s better to wait for the last parts to be done.


If you are a new team starting up, don’t spend time on camera training yet because everything will be much easier with the updated app. The only downside is you may need a more powerful phone, but I wont know yet because more development is needed for the typical phone model we use. We can expect the latest version to be available for use by mid next week.

Hybrid Camera App update

The camera app update is progressing very well. It is currently about half complete, although the main function is already done.


The part that isnt done allows the operator to remotely control elements like camera zoom, without needing additional apps. This isn’t essential functionality, but it makes the whole process easier.


Everything should be complete and ready to go within 1-2 weeks. The uncertain parts are more related to getting everything working on different phone models. Compatability is often a difficult issue to resolve. If you have the main models we normally use, there shouldn’t be a problem.


Basically this modification makes aiming the camera much easier. It is especially useful in cases where you stand a long distance from the wheel and would otherwise need to zoom and more carefully aim the camera. With the mod, you just need to aim in the general direction of the wheel, and the app wil automatically zoom video and track the wheel wherever it is.


We’re also adding some Hybrid mods that help the operator better monitor accuracy, especially on very fast rotors.