Hybrid data bandwith tests

The latest version transfers both audio and video at around 0.53mbps. This is:
Video: 0.5mbps server download
Audio: 0.03mbps server upload
With the encryption, the current connection limits are 1mbps upload and 6 mbps download. So there could be 10 or so consecutive users at the same time, even on the current connection. This is assuming multiple users aren’t connected remotely to the server interface, which you don’t need to do during play anyway.
The ping time to the furthest regions is about 400ms, and the video buffering is about 3 seconds in worst case-scenarios. But it’s not a problem considering prediction can be obtained in an additional 1-3 seconds.
Not that it would be needed in most cases, but there is always the possibility of having servers in particular regions, which would remove need for buffering so predictions would be obtained within 2-4 seconds of ball release. I’ll do a lot of testing in October when further north.
The next work is to make the video frame rate more stable. This may take a week or so as it is development work. I haven’t installed the latest version on the servers yet because it isn’t a critical update, and the version is about to change again anyway.

Updated Hybrid Instructions & 4G

Updated hybrid instructions are available (both documents). Download them from the same location. You shouldn’t need to unlock them again. The changes are mostly to better explain how to use the encrypted connection.
Also I’ve managed to get 4G reception working with an antenna, but still a significant distance from where I need it working. So I’ve ordered a bigger antenna. Considering the difference the antenna makes, if you currently have bad reception in the casino, a bit of additional equipment can make a very worthwhile difference. I’m still exploring options for a better connection.

Supporting players

Players, this is Steve’s partner who has been taking some of the support tickets and load. I’ve been doing most of the tickets for a while now and I mostly find the questions asked are already answered I either the knowledgebase or instructions. It would be best for everyone if before submitting a ticket you fully read all the instructions. It might take a few hours to go over them very slowly so you don’t miss all the small points, but it will make everything clear.

Remote Hybrid Connections and Processing Speed

1. I appear to have fixed a problem with the server software, where the server gradually becomes slower over time. I wont know for sure until I leave it running for a while, but for now it appears ok.
2. The encryption is now fully configured and working, but I’ll need another day to get it working for all servers. It’s a matter of duplicating the server files, changing some config values then testing it. By the end of tomorrow, everyone will have their access details except for some partners, but they’ll be soon after. The encryption slows down communications slightly, but not enough to matter.
3. In most of October I’ll be interstate and taking the main server with me, and running on a 4G connection with much higher speeds. I’ll be testing different connections too, and there will be brief downtimes during the transitions (minutes). No config changes will be needed for users although the connection should be better while I’m away as I’ll be further north.

Hybrid remote server connections

Most of this week I’ve been testing connections from the other side of the world, to the server. If your connection is good, there would be no problems. But sometimes the connections will be bad, and this is where you’ll have problems. So some changes are being made to reduce the size of the video and audio. This will make a big difference, and will be done before Monday, but more may be needed in extreme cases. As it’s development work, timing is unpredictable. It just depends on feedback I receive from users. So if you get bad video and audio, you need to let me know.
Also I’ve succeeded in setting up “end to end” encryption. This is where everything is full encrypted between every part of the hardware. I’ll implement it soon, but for now we’re focusing on the issues explained above. The current servers only use the half encryption although encryption isn’t essential anyway.

Assistance from long-time player

As I mentioned earlier, a long-time player / partner is taking over part of the sales part of my company. This starts tomorrow. It isn’t a complete take-over because I’m not prepared to give over full control, and some parts are not practical to handover anyway.
A few things that will change are pricing options for new players, and written material on the websites, but this doesn’t affect existing players.
The most significant changes that affect existing players are most of the support issues through the help desk will be handled by someone else. Any issues they cannot respond to will be forwarded to me. You can still email me directly at the usual email address. Please always use the help desk before emailing me.
Depending on how things work out, he may take greater control. Whatever the case, the support to existing players will not be compromised in any way. In fact I’m expecting support response times to be enhanced.