Hybrid data bandwith tests

The latest version transfers both audio and video at around 0.53mbps. This is:
Video: 0.5mbps server download
Audio: 0.03mbps server upload
With the encryption, the current connection limits are 1mbps upload and 6 mbps download. So there could be 10 or so consecutive users at the same time, even on the current connection. This is assuming multiple users aren’t connected remotely to the server interface, which you don’t need to do during play anyway.
The ping time to the furthest regions is about 400ms, and the video buffering is about 3 seconds in worst case-scenarios. But it’s not a problem considering prediction can be obtained in an additional 1-3 seconds.
Not that it would be needed in most cases, but there is always the possibility of having servers in particular regions, which would remove need for buffering so predictions would be obtained within 2-4 seconds of ball release. I’ll do a lot of testing in October when further north.
The next work is to make the video frame rate more stable. This may take a week or so as it is development work. I haven’t installed the latest version on the servers yet because it isn’t a critical update, and the version is about to change again anyway.