Assistance from long-time player

As I mentioned earlier, a long-time player / partner is taking over part of the sales part of my company. This starts tomorrow. It isn’t a complete take-over because I’m not prepared to give over full control, and some parts are not practical to handover anyway.
A few things that will change are pricing options for new players, and written material on the websites, but this doesn’t affect existing players.
The most significant changes that affect existing players are most of the support issues through the help desk will be handled by someone else. Any issues they cannot respond to will be forwarded to me. You can still email me directly at the usual email address. Please always use the help desk before emailing me.
Depending on how things work out, he may take greater control. Whatever the case, the support to existing players will not be compromised in any way. In fact I’m expecting support response times to be enhanced.