Remote Hybrid Connections and Processing Speed

1. I appear to have fixed a problem with the server software, where the server gradually becomes slower over time. I wont know for sure until I leave it running for a while, but for now it appears ok.
2. The encryption is now fully configured and working, but I’ll need another day to get it working for all servers. It’s a matter of duplicating the server files, changing some config values then testing it. By the end of tomorrow, everyone will have their access details except for some partners, but they’ll be soon after. The encryption slows down communications slightly, but not enough to matter.
3. In most of October I’ll be interstate and taking the main server with me, and running on a 4G connection with much higher speeds. I’ll be testing different connections too, and there will be brief downtimes during the transitions (minutes). No config changes will be needed for users although the connection should be better while I’m away as I’ll be further north.