JAA instructional video translation

Now the JAA instructional video is available with subtitles for all languages. First go to the video and beneath it, click the “CC” icon. This makes the subtitles appear. Then click the little “settings” icon (looks like a gear) and select the subtitles drop-down menu, then the language you want to read.

Hybrid mods

The phones now receive the more sophisticated version of predictions. The phone users can walk out of range and back in without problems. Some phone models will disconnect if the screen isn’t locked, but it isn’t a problem if you lock the phone screen. You wont normally keep the screen active anyway.
The next mod is to get the earlier predictions (1-3 seconds after ball release), and the updated release will be available to players. It may be about 3 weeks from now though as there is a lot of work to be done to ensure everything is right.

Hybrid early prediction

One of the upcoming mods will allow the Hybrid to get accurate prediction between 1-3 seconds after ball release, on every spin (provided the ball isn’t incredibly fast). It does not rely on the rotor needing to be at a particular orientation. This will greatly increase the amount of suitable wheels. But before doing this, there are some other mods first.

Hybrid training meeting

I’ll be doing a Hybrid training meeting via live online webcam this Thursday at 10am (GMT +11) . Important points below:
* This is only for players who either have the Hybrid, or will have one soon.
* It will be recorded, so authorized players can view it later. The video will become an instructional video for other players.
* This demonstration is about how to use the Hybrid. It is not to amaze you with accurate predictions. It is to help players understand how to understand the basic functions. The finer points will be explained another time.
* You will need a Ustream.tv account to view the broadcast. But you must use a completely fake name that you have never used before. Your account username must be nothing that identifies you. Dont use your forum account name. Remember that others will see it too.
* Next to the video is a text chat window. You must not discuss anything private in this window, including where you play, where you are from etc. The chat window is only for discussions about using the Hybrid.
* The meeting will go for about an hour.
* Prepare any questions you have beforehand. The questions you type will be seen by other players, so please make them very clear. Don’t abbreviate or use slang terms, and only type in English.
If you want to attend this meeting, please contact me via email and I’ll send you the link and password to attend.

Disputes between players

It is very common that I hear of disputes between players. Usually arguments arise when there is a partnership between players, and there’s a disagreement about owing of money.
Keep in mind the below points:
* The gambling industry tends to attract people who aren’t such nice people. You need to be extra careful, even with other players in the forum. You can know someone a whole year without really knowing them.
* Trusting someone, and putting yourself in a bad position because of trust are two different things. Trust is not a sufficient reason to put yourself in a bad position.
* NEVER release your real name or any personal details to other players. Expect other players to give you fake names too.
* If you ever have personal information about a player and use it against them, you will be banned from the forum and restricted only to essential services. And you can expect to be excluded from other things, including but not limited to partnerships.
* If someone says something bad about you, most of the damage will be done by you worrying about it, instead of focusing your energy on something more productive. Also please keep disputes off the forum. Any arguing players will be banned.
* Please don’t involve me unless you believe it is in the best interests of all players. Anything you tell me is kept in strict confidence.
* Always try to do the right thing. Understand the position of other players, and you will better understand their actions. If you do the right thing by people, they tend to do the same for you.
* Communicate clearly. Many arguments are the result of bad communication. Relatively few people are wilfully malicious. But many people put their own interests before others.
* Have clear agreements. Rather than be a legal document, contracts are more about having a clear understanding of each of your rights and obligations so everyone knows where they stand. Consider all possible events and the agreed course of action. In partnership cases, I suggest not creating signed documents with real names and all. Just have a clear point-by-point written agreement. Also consider the position you would be in if your partner breached an agreement.
The points above are not specific to any individual case. Again I hear of disputes often and they are usually very similar.

Hybrid wireless mods

The Hybrid now has the capability to be operated remotely. This means it can be used with the main processor far away from the actual wheel and table. The only equipment any player needs to have at the table is rather minimal and there wouldn’t be a problem even if players were “strip searched” – not that it would ever happen, or that this mod is even needed, but it’s nice to have it this covert.
The range is ample even without modifications. With modifications, the range can easily be extended to outside the casino, even miles away, but it is overkill. Players can also walk way out of range and return without problems.
Before it is available to players, some adjustments are needed although it is fully functional and working perfectly. When it is released, one additional component will be required but it will be under $1000.
On a side note, for some time casinos have been using law enforcement to pry, on the basis that I may be breaking laws. Again I’ll make it very clear that we never apply the technology where it is illegal. My website also makes this very clear, so there is no legal excuse.

Back to work

* I’m now back and will spend the next day or so catching up on emails. There’s a lot of various work to be done and I’ll send updates in time
* Almost all of the known bugs for the hybrid are now fixed because the programmer was working in the past few days. These weren’t critical bugs, just annoying ones. There is one last bug (where the play mode sometimes cant be started) but it is being worked on. I’ll release a new version when the last bug is fixed. If you find any other bugs, let me know.
* I’ll be available to take calls this Wednesday