Hybrid training meeting

I’ll be doing a Hybrid training meeting via live online webcam this Thursday at 10am (GMT +11) . Important points below:
* This is only for players who either have the Hybrid, or will have one soon.
* It will be recorded, so authorized players can view it later. The video will become an instructional video for other players.
* This demonstration is about how to use the Hybrid. It is not to amaze you with accurate predictions. It is to help players understand how to understand the basic functions. The finer points will be explained another time.
* You will need a Ustream.tv account to view the broadcast. But you must use a completely fake name that you have never used before. Your account username must be nothing that identifies you. Dont use your forum account name. Remember that others will see it too.
* Next to the video is a text chat window. You must not discuss anything private in this window, including where you play, where you are from etc. The chat window is only for discussions about using the Hybrid.
* The meeting will go for about an hour.
* Prepare any questions you have beforehand. The questions you type will be seen by other players, so please make them very clear. Don’t abbreviate or use slang terms, and only type in English.
If you want to attend this meeting, please contact me via email and I’ll send you the link and password to attend.