Hybrid wireless mods

The Hybrid now has the capability to be operated remotely. This means it can be used with the main processor far away from the actual wheel and table. The only equipment any player needs to have at the table is rather minimal and there wouldn’t be a problem even if players were “strip searched” – not that it would ever happen, or that this mod is even needed, but it’s nice to have it this covert.
The range is ample even without modifications. With modifications, the range can easily be extended to outside the casino, even miles away, but it is overkill. Players can also walk way out of range and return without problems.
Before it is available to players, some adjustments are needed although it is fully functional and working perfectly. When it is released, one additional component will be required but it will be under $1000.
On a side note, for some time casinos have been using law enforcement to pry, on the basis that I may be breaking laws. Again I’ll make it very clear that we never apply the technology where it is illegal. My website also makes this very clear, so there is no legal excuse.