Remote Uber Instructions & Updates

The instructions are basicaly a modified version of the Remote Hybrid instructions. It will be another day or so before they’re complete and available.


Some of the Remote Uber phone apps will be modified, so less equipment is needed. But before these mods, the programmer needs to complete other unrelated tasks I’ve requested.


Before the end of this week, Remote Uber players will receive the instructions.


This will at least get everyone started. Then after the app mods are done, I’ll edit the instructions to reflect the changes.


The expected timeline is:


* 2 days to complete instructions for surrent version


* 1-2 weeks for programmer to complete other tasks


*1-2 weeks to modify the Remote Uber apps


* 3 days to edit the instructions to reflect the app mods


Everything is already functional so the Remote Uber can be used, but the mods are worthwhile improvements.