Remote Hybrid and Uber Updates

REMOTE HYBRID: Except for one part, the Hybrid mod is complete and working even better than we expected, once we implemented the precision timer component. Also users will find setup signficantly easier because the ball detection algorithms are muich more selective about what it considers the ball. This means it’s much harder to get false detections. The last part is just adding a part that we’ve already coded. Last time we did such an integration it only took about 45 minutes.


REMOTE UBER: Players can request server access anytime, but after the last remote hybrid part is done, then some final adjustments for the Remote Uber will be done, as mentioned previously.


The work took a lot longer than expected because the source code is exstensive, and the programmer needed to work on it very carefully to avoid affecting other parts.


GENERAL SCHEDULE: I’ll be away for a few days so can’t test until around mid next week. But all the major testing is already done. For the hybrid, all that’s left is testing the code integration, which is relatively easy testing. This should be comfortably done before the end of next week.


The Remote Uber mods are only minor, but it’s difficult to test and work while I’m away. The programmer needs me to assist with some testing, so we’re delayed a few days while I’m away. But there’s very little left to do, and if everything is not done before the end of next week, it wont be long after.