Phone system available

The jaa phone system is now available. But again to use it, you need to equipment explained in the forum knowledgebase (;area=article;cont=63). Although it is available now (for both European and American wheels), there are still these parts left to add:


1. Proper wheel rating system: This isn’t available yet but almost complete. It will tell you the wheel rating, and you’ll be able to set the acceptable rating. So you can opt to play only the most profitable wheels, or take a bit of a risk on wheels that have a lower rating but may still be profitable. Ratings that are too low will automatically be rejected.


2. Printable charts (for casinos where use of a phone at the table is illegal): This isn’t so simple and I’m still trying to find a solution. There is different technology used so visual charts would be much more complicated.





To start using JAA, you need access to the encryption server which uses an independent service. Basically you pay only cost price which is US$12/year. It is available ONLY to existing players who have purchased JAA (US$2500) as per


To proceed, follow the instructions and subscribe via Paypal at