Marking priority of tickets in help desk

Some players are marking tickets as critical and urgent etc for matters that aren’t justifiably urgent. An urgent matter is something like you being in a casino and you forgot to force a code earlier. This should never happen anyway if you check when the code expires. Almost never are matters truly urgent. I pay close attention to matters that are marked urgent, and respond usually within 1-3 hours if matters are truly urgent. Basically I’m asking that people don’t abuse the urgency ratings.

Hybrid green area mod complete

The Hybrid mod where the jump chart’s green areas are highlighted is now complete and working perfectly. It was actually completed last week. The next couple of mods are some minor corrections. These shouldn’t take long, but this kind of work is unpredictable because we need to find the source of problems first. The issues haven’t been reported and are rare, but I’ve experienced them in my own tests.
Then the next mods will be based mostly around diamond targeting and dynamic tuning to account for different ball bounce on different rotor speeds (otherwise known as “target” and “dynamic”). This part will be done likely in two stages though. On some wheels, this can triple accuracy of predictions. The downside is you usually need to skip a few spins in between, although isn’t really a problem in real casinos because you don’t normally bet on every computer prediction anyway, or your behavior is too obvious. You want to bet only on the most accurate predictions. In typical conditions, you may bet only on 1 in 3 spins.

Hybrid & JAA updates

The latest hybrid update is now available. There will be another in about a week. The JAA update is still not complete. The programmer did say it was, but I expected he would have missed something. It is incredibly close to ready, and is just missing one part that the programmer can’t seem to understand. Granted it is complex, and progress is being made, albeit much more slowly than it should have been.

Hybrid V3 Mod: Chart green areas

The programmer is starting work on the next mod, which is implementation of the green areas for the jump charts. These make it easier to know the optimal jump counts – it’s the same algorithm used by JAA and the Uber computer. There are still lots of little mods that are being done, although none are critical, and I don’t need reminding. Everything is being done in order of priority. As for the latest release, I’ll make it available either today or tomorrow depending on available time.

Hybrid V3 tuned predictions on main processor

Now the main processing unit is able to have it’s own set of tuned predictions. This is not normally used, unless you are using the Hybrid by yourself, or perhaps playing at an online casino. But before I release the build, there is one small correction which allows all the tuned predictions to be displayed on the screen too. This will easily be done within 24hrs.

New update page

This website is now being used for all player announcements. If you were already subscribed to the previous page, you don’t need to re-subscribe and you will automatically receive the updates via email. If you haven’t subscribed yet, enter your email at the top of this page, or in the sidebar.