JAA system phone

I’ve finalized the details with the programmer and he’ll start work shortly. He expects to be completed in approximately a month. It sounds like a while, but he is coding everything from scratch. It’s not feasible to use the old code from the previous programmer. He’s without a doubt the best and most reliable programmer I’ve ever worked with, so I don’t expect we’ll have any issues.


The first release will do proper cross referencing analysis. So instead of 300 or so spins per direction, usually only 100 spins per direction will be required. Sometimes even less, and the edge will become stronger with more data (until it reaches the maximum).


There will still be more to add to the software after first release, which is to make application as foolproof as possible. Basically all players need to do is enter the data, and the phone tells them when and where to bet. No pens and paper, no data charts. So it’s will be even simpler.


The initial version will be missing ratings, but we’ll add it shortly after. It’s not a complicated part to add although I’ll soon revise them to see if they can be improved. After all the quicker you can identify a suitable wheel, the less time you spend.


Remember though you can’t beat any wheel. So if you just walk up to any wheel and apply it, there’s a 70% chanmce you’ll lose. You can only beat approximately 30% of wheels so you should still do proper evaluations.


Anyway when it’s available, I’ll create all the instructions. You’ll still be able to use the current online software, but the upcoming software will be the better option. This software has been a long time coming and has met a lot of obstacles.