Hybrid’s dynamic target mod complete

This mod is now complete. From testing it very accurately targets specific spins where the ball bounces most predictably. For most wheels, this will be spins where the ball hits a diamond and falls straight down. You also have the option of how accurate you want the predictions to be. In average conditions, this mod provides an accuracy increase of between 30-500%. This means instead of getting a 10% edge on a very difficult wheel, you could get a 60% edge with this mod.
These projections are not at all exaggerations. In fact they are actually conservative because some types of ball falls are very easily predictable, and others are barely predictable at all. This mod allows you to isolate only to spins where the ball is most likely to bounce very predictably. Of course it wont be correct all of the time, but it is correct enough of the time for a large accuracy increase.
In many cases, this mod is essential to get any edge at all. Such a situation would be if the rotor speed was varied considerably (between 2 – 8s / revolution) and the ball is quite bouncy and dramatically affected by the varying ball bounce of different rotor speeds. It is rare that you will “need” this mod to profit, but almost always it will significantly boost accuracy.
The downside of this mod is on some of the spins, the computer will announce “risk” indicating that the predictions are not as accurate as they could be. You can set the approximate proportion of spins that are skipped. Basically the more spins you skip, the higher the accuracy. Putting it into perspective, if you get 1 prediction from 3 spins, then you may increase your edge by about 200% (ie a 10% edge becomes 30%). A larger edge is not everything though, because the fewer spins you bet on, the less you may win “per hour”. But a critical point is if you bet on every spin, then your behavior is too obvious for casino staff. So it is better to bet only on the most accurate predictions. It comes down to what I often say “it’s mostly about what you can win without being detected”.
The next mod will be started soon. It will improve accuracy in cases where the camera is aimed at a computer monitor of some kind.