Hybrid wireless camera mod

One of the upcoming Hybrid mods will allow the use of the wireless camera. It already can do this with additional equipment, but this mod will remove the need for any additional equipment. This is so the only thing the user will have on them is a mobile phone. The main processor of the Hybrid can be far away from the table.
The video transmissions are properly encrypted and virtually impossible to detect. The wireless camera also uses it’s own computer to deal with erratic camera movement, so you will be able to “jump around” more freely even if using the hybrid version that has restrictions on hardware speed. You can already jump around quite freely, but within reasonable limits. This mod will increase the limits. So basically we are using multiple small electronic devices to share the processing load. As more powerful “small” devices become available, we can start using the full algorithms.
This mod is a bit of overkill because the main unit is already small enough to hide while at the table, but it will be useful for situations where casinos use metal detectors at the door. This is very rare although still having this mod provides players with greater flexibility. Also I want to see the Hybrid do everything that can be done, even if just from a hobby perspective.
There are two parts to this mod, and coding has started on the first part today. The programmer for the main processor will work on his part after a few other mods are complete. It should all be available within a few weeks.