Hybrid/Uber algorithm update

A few days ago the programmer said he cant work on the update yet as he’s working on other urgent tasks. He expects to be busy on them for the next 2 or so weeks. Once he starts work, it should only take a few days to complete (including my testing). I’ll follow up on him every now and then and post any updates. Don’t let this delay you in learning the software. Using the new update will be much the same as the polynomial algorithm, without needing to set the polynomial order. So the process is mostly identical.

The way things are looking, casinos will still be closed for the next month or so. The whole world is on hold, so use this time to be ready for when casinos re-open. Or, just enjoy the time off and focus on spending time with family, or your own personal growth. Maybe even work on ways for you to become more self-sufficient – without so much reliance on what governments do.