About my available time

Sometimes I respond to emails within an hour. Sometimes it might take a week or so. I understand it can be frustrating, and I try to keep everyone updated so they know what’s happening.

I’m very aware of my inbox filling with emails and needing to respond. I prioritise my work the best I can. Providing support is a priority. And keep in mind I develop the computers for my own use too. But players don’t see what’s happening on my end.

For example, developing and testing a new algorithm, as I’ve been doing for weeks now, is very time consuming. Some tests are for about 200 spins. Each test I run is about half a day, because I need to record and review many specific spins to determine what happened, and what can be done to improve results. Testing a concept may take a few days, after which other work has piled up. And I have other business commitments although my roulette computers for my own use is still a priority – and hybrid and remote uber purchasers automatically get the benefits of further developments. The recent algorithm took hundreds of hours to develop. It’s extremely tedious and time-consuming work.

The Coronavirus and various other personal issues have made delays worse, but the main cause of my delayed responses is research and development. Now that I’ve finished the algorithm, which is very close to perfection, everything will be back to normal – I’ll respond to remaining emails and support tickets within 24hrs.

One thing I find particularly frustrating is I may receive numerous emails from a player becoming frustrated because they’re stuck on an issue. I may not have time to promptly respond sometimes, so they send multiple emails. But the answer is clearly in the instructions, which they haven’t properly read. I understand they can become irritated when they havent received a response from me for days. But such players can also help themselves by properly reading instructions, which I’ve made thorough to save everyone time. Often I may be brief in emails and respond "please read the instructions", and the player responds as if I’m dismissive and uncaring. Really I do care and your success is very important to me. The reality is I’m just trying to manage my time effectively, and don’t have time to write lengthy emails. If players ask questions repeatedly about the same issues, I update the instructions so I don’t need to spend time addressing the same issue again.

If you get stuck on something, please carefully check the instructions before contacting me. Really I do care about your success and you’ll get all the support you need. But I apreciate your patience and carefully reading the instructions.