Hybrid remote use

I’ve managed to get one remote hybrid computer setup and working perfectly. This is so the server allows one user of the Hybrid at a time. What’s left to do:
1. Allow multiple simultaneous users (about 1-2 more days of work)
2. Security testing (1 day of work)
3. Modifying instructions (1-2 more days)
At this point, it will be made available to players. But I will need the sd card back from users before access can be given. The card needs to be plugged into the server. You can ship back now (just the sd card), but use a reputable and fully tracked courier that ships to po boxes. Shipping address is at http://www.roulette-computers.com/support/
I haven’t requested it back until now because if you are without the card, then you wouldn’t be able to run the hybrid software. Waiting until now minimizes the time you don’t have access.
So a realistic estimate for it to be available to players is about 5 working days, which is about the same time the sd card takes to reach me.
Extra parts to do later include:
4. Software mods (only minor) so:
a. The operator can speak to the players at the table (like on phones, to give players instructions)
b. Audio quality is lower, because it is currently transmitting at a much higher quality than needed)
c. Extra bettor phones will work via remote too (currently only 1 bettor/player is supported, but it’s an easy fix)
You will be able to access everything from the existing phones you have. But the buttons for starting and stopping the video, and starting the prediction process will need to be run via a hidden cable, like with the other computers (Uber, Lite etc). You can do these mods yourself, or my technician can do them for you. But for best results with highest frame rate possible, faster phones should be used. Including mods, they will be about USD$1000 each. You need only one of them though. Again you can use the existing phones though, but they have a slightly lower frame rate.