Hybrid general update

This applies to computer service users, in particularly players with "borderline acceptable" internet connections:


When I work as the operator, often we might waste an hour messing around with a bad connection. Sometimes it just isn’t reliable enough to be practical for me. Most of the time the problem is a busy network, like during peak periods. Unfortunately I don’t have the flexibility to waste even an hour or to be an operator in other times of the day. There is another operator almost ready to work full time and any time of the day. He is in the final stage of training.


So unless you already know the Internet is perfectly ok at the times we need, to proceed with me as an operator, I want the connection mod done. This will make "borderline ok" connections to be perfect in most cases. Then we wont need to waste time fidddling with connection settings or waiting for busy networks to become quieter. And we wont have to deal with frustrating situations where video quality degrades despite a large edge and easily beaten wheel.


I expected the connection mod to be complete last week, but development is more complicated than we first thought. It is mainly because of firmware limitations on phones. But still we’re very close now, and I should have a completed version at the end of this week, or early next week. It is NOT certain yet because the development is tricky.


There are ready-made solutions, but they involve the use of hardware that is too bulky. Our solution is much more practical.


As I explained previously, do not mistake lack of activity to be anything other than what I say. For some players, things may be quiet and frustrating. If this is your case, I understand your frustration but keep in mind you do not see everything that is happening on my end. I try to keep everyone informed with the blog, but I do not always give specific information about what is happening because anyone can read the information. And besides, giving all the details wont make a difference. So please trust that although things are quiet now for some players, you are about to be very busy.


If you are a brand new player and haven’t even played yet, then you fall into this category because I don’t want to be sitting at my computer at 3am, risking dealing with a jittery internet connection. I’d rather just have it perfect so I can focus on other things like communicating with the team and maximizing prediction accuracy.