Hybrid Connection Mod

The programmer sent a "proof of concept" version that worked very well. So we now know we can do what we need, and with the hardware most players already have. It isn’t finished yet, but it’s at least great news we can do what we need. Now the programmer just has to fix a few bugs and refine the process to be more efficient. There’s nothing major left to do though. I’m confident this mod will be available some time next week.


So far the mod appears to work on all phone models (for the particular phone series/manufacturer) except one – which is the latest version in the particular series of phones. So if you have this version, you will need an earlier phone version to use the connection mod. Contact me if you need more information. You can still use the "latest" version as the secondary phone, but just not the primary phone. We can get the software working on the latest phone but it is not a priority for now because most people use an older version anyway.