Hybrid Bookings

All Hybrid players please consider the following: The majority of bookings requested are between 4pm – 9am my time. This is outside my normal working hours. Many of the bookings are around 3am. I can usually do sessions at such hours perhaps once or twice a week maximum. And even then it disrupts my normal sleeping pattern, so I’m not productive the following day.


When it comes to issues like support, I’m one person. I don’t have help anymore (at least for now). If say 3 players all wanted my support at 3am on different days, it would be virtually impossible for me to retain a normal life. Alternatively, these players could all get the support they needed in my working hours and on the same day. Of course it may be their 3am and it’s not as convenient for them, but they would only need to do it perhaps once a week. Not several times a week like I would need to.


So if you are using the booking form to request my time at hours between 4pm – 9am, most of the time your booking will be refused. The exception is if the booking is for an organized session inside a real casino, and you have your team fully organized and ready to go. But if your booking is for general support and training, it’s just not feasible for me to constantly help at times like 3am. Even outside normal business hours is difficult because I have a personal life too.


System and regular computer players don’t normally need my LIVE support (phone or skype). But Hybrid operators and players do. I’m not saying players wont get personal support. Just consider it’s easier for you to be awake at an inconvenient time once per week, than it is for me to be awake at inconvenient times on many nights.




1. If you need training or to test equipment, book it between 9am-4pm my time. First use all the training material to make live support much more efficient.


2. If you want to book an in-casino session, then book at whatever hour is suitable as per the instructions. Then I’ll do my best to make myself available.


As it is now, I can do only 1-2 sessions per week that are outside 9am-4pm. I’m still in the process of recruiting more operators.


Unfortunately the past 2 weeks have been busier than normal, but everything is more managable this week. Although I’m behind on emails and will be up to date before the end of tomorrow.  Still though I’m dealing with more work than I should, so I’ll have another look at changes I can make.