JAA phone update

An update with no delay between predictions will be released soon (probably within few days). If the numbers are called too quickly for you, keep in mind it is ok to miss numbers and you’ll still have a long term edge. There are more updates for JAA to be done but for now I can’t give a time estimate.

Hybrid computer operators

I’ll start training more Hybrid operators soon. Today I’ve begun work on the operator training manual. If you are already familiar with the Uber or other roulette computers, you’ll easily learn what needs to be done. I expect to finish the instructions before the end of the week.


There are two types of operators. One is paid a set wage as a contractor per hour of work. And the other type receives a commission on my earnings (excluding the "access fee"), although they are still a contractor. My earnings are explained at http://www.roulettephysics.com/computer-service/

Hybrid external camera with battery pack

The equipment I ordered and tested (to have both battery and camera attached) didn’t work as advertised, so I ordered another model but it may take a month to reach me. I’m looking for something to test earlier.


Also the programmer sent me a new build for the phone camera software. We found that the zoom issue with external camera is an intermittent issue that is probably a problem with the code library. This means sometimes it will work, and sometimes it wont. But is with respect to the particular camera model I’ve suggested. With other specific models there is never a problem, but they are larger. We don’t yet know the variables that determine if it works or not. The programmer is looking into it more.

Hybrid camera zoom

One user’s camera is unable to zoom. He’s using the correct hardware, but something like the firmware would be the problem. Not every phone of the same model (mentioned in ads) is the same. Until now, every combination of phone and camera worked. I found a Huawei that doesn’t zoom with the correct camera model. But it zooms with other camera models.


The combination of hardware, firmware and software is always troublesome because every part must be compatible. Phone manufacturers try to stick to standards best they can but there are too many differences to make it all perfect.


For now the inability to zoom is an isolated incident. But I’ve asked the programmer to look into it. I expect he’ll ask for the target devices for development, but I’m asking him to try a simple solution first.


Again it is very important to purchase only the models I specify. This at least minimizes the chances of software incompatibility. Do not just assume one phone is the same as the other. Even two iphone 6’s can have significant firmware differences.

Hybrid remote connection

All Hybrid users need to remember to CLOSE the remote control app when you are not using the Hybrid, or when an operator is not connected. Otherwise it is a security risk for the player. It does not at all affect anything for the Hybrid, but just close the apps fully and nobody else can remote control your phone. It also makes it easier for the operator by not having multiple connections open, which can be confusing.

Hybrid camera zoom mod

The camera zoom mod now works for all cameras. The updated app is available for download from the same location. To zoom the video, pinch your fingers on the screen (as you would with any phone camera). Also we’re working on the ability for the operator to aim the camera remotely. They will be able to pan the camera by about 30 degrees. It isn’t normally needed but will be a useful ability when the wheel is far away.

New Hybrid app

The new camera app for the Hybrid is available. Just download the new file from the same location as the previous version (file was just replaced). The settings are self explanatory. You just go into settings after attaching the camera, then when back on the main screen, click the camera icon and select the connected camera. The zoom mod isnt done yet but will be soon.

JAA phone and Hybrid users: Phone encryption

Below is an explanation on how to encrypt and lock the phones themselves. This is so if the wrong people get your phones, they will be useless to them. You should always encrypt the phones whether are using the JAA phone system, or the Hybrid. We never break laws, so the encryption is not about avoiding prosecution. Mainly we don’t want casinos to access to anything. Keep in mind many countries have laws that can force you to provide your decryption password if you have broken laws.


If you do the encyption properly, it will be almost impossible for anyone to unlock and decrypt your phones. And you can lock them with a press of a button.


How to Encrypt Phones


The process is different for every phone, but here’s the process for most Android phones:


1. Fully charge the phone and leave it on charge


2. Set a lock screen password. It should be easy to remember, but impossible to guess. Do not lose or forget it or your phone will be useless.


3. Go to "Settings" > "More" > "Security" and select "Encrypt device". The encryption will take aboout 15 minutes to complete.


When it’s complete, make sure that when you press the power button, the phone will lock and require your password. Now whenever you want, you can press the button to lock your phone and it will be virtually impossible for anyone to see what’s on your phone.

Hybrid video zoom

The programmer has started work on the Hybrid video zoom mod. This will allow players to see wheels at a further distance, without using any optical equipment like lenses. It’s a simple mod so shouldn’t take long.

Hybrid smaller cam mod

The smaller cam mod is now complete and working flawlessly. The updated software is available on request. Basically the new capabilities are:


1. Very small camera which can be hidden virtually anywhere


2. Multiple cameras can be used by the same player: If ever needed, multiple cameras can be worn by the player and instantly switched without the player needing to do anything. This isn’t particularly new though because previously we could use multiple cameras by using multiple players or phones. But this mod allows multiple cameras for a single player with a single phone.